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hack or not hacked?
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Author:  fate1985 [ Thu Feb 04, 2010 5:33 am ]
Post subject:  hack or not hacked?

after hearing many conflicting reports about the subject i figured i'd ask you my fellow auctioneers.....

was a-net/guild wars hacked or not?

Author:  Bearz [ Thu Feb 04, 2010 7:51 am ]
Post subject:  Re: hack or not hacked?

GuildWars was not hacked.

The most recent GW update was implemented but carried with it a bugged logon screen change that prevented access as the code used to check the password input was altered inadvertently and this prevented password confirmation. ArenaNet promptly issued a bug fix update and access was regained.

The impact was universal. Unfortunately, some people went through the password "forgot password/change password" process (adding to the pain!) but it was unnecessary as everyone gained access after a short time without having to do anything other than wait.

On the other hand, a large number of GW Users have had their password access compromised because they use the same password for GW as they do for other websites - at least one GW Fansite (which remains unnamed by Anet!) has been hacked and visitors logging onto that site were compromised by a password logger virus placed on the website by the hackers. This has led to GuildWars Support using the Front-end Screen to advise GW Fans that they should ensure they (a) change their GW Password immediately and (b) make the password unique for use with GW, i.e. ensure the password is not used to access any other website or facility or service accessed via the Internet.

Author:  fate1985 [ Thu Feb 04, 2010 5:18 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: hack or not hacked?

ah okies thx bearz!
and no worries on my end as far as passwords go i use a unique password for anything i do(ie i don't use the same password anywhere else) so i should be good to go
thx again :)

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